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Artists - Students - Parents - Humans

A solution for your work-life balance so that you can live your life, make it to that audition, study for that test or spend more time with your family. 

We find you jobs that work for you.

Jobs vary from driving, labour, customer service representatives, promo, serving, bartending... (see more).

All our jobs are contract based, 

pay living wages 

& offer a flexible schedule.

Why We Do It


Owner, Genevieve Clements, knows first hand what it's like to feel energetically depleted from a job you resent and how much that it can affect your life, health and  your drive to succeed.

With years of experience as a promotional model and as a customer service specialist, Genevieve's learnt that the most personable people are those that are working for something greater than the "small" job at hand.​

It's simple: support those with passions and find yourself with a team of driven individuals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals too! 

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 Balance your work life schedule.

Take control of your life by working jobs that work for you.

Most jobs are 1-5 days long and they are all contract based. We email you the details and say yes or no. You must meet the job requirements & be eligible to work in Canada. 

Currently hiring Cross-Canada.

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We accept all walks of life

...except robots. Aliens you're okay though.

From the CEO

"Working odd jobs helped me create the life I wanted to live; It helped me discover hundreds of different industries and people from around the world, all while supporting my unpredictable life as an artist.

Passions are meant to propel you forward, and we're here to support you on the journey." -GC

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